Interactive Training Manual for OS X Server Device Enrolment

The final portfolio of documentation from project inception to close out, including the design document, storyboards, final product with alternative viewing methods, data, and assessment summary. 

Multimedia Learning Objects were created based of the design document where task complexity, domain, and learner characteristics helped determine a scientifically sound approach to displaying the information in a unique, custom format for the the client.

This is a screencast of an early version of the presentation module which contains various multimedia learning objects. It is presented for the client in Apple's iBooks format in order to be accessible on both their iPads and Macs, promoting not only a student-centered, self-paced design, but a multi-modal learning environment as well. Assessments are built in electronically to make data collection easy and efficient for all stakeholders. 

Download the portfolio.

If you have an iPad with iBooks or a Mac running Mavericks or Yosemite, the finished product is available on The iBooks Store for preview and/or download.