Course Design & Implementation


Web Design and Development I - Design, HTML, & CSS

The design, development, and implementation of 2 courses in Web Design. Starting with course goals and objectives, an 18 week semester curriculum for each course was written utilising the Understanding By Design (UbD) framework with modular capstone assessment tasks. Multimedia were selected and aligned to objectives and units, and various instructional materials were then developed. A synopsis of the course can be read below. Included in the portfolio is all course documentation: the curriculum map, syllabus, rubric(s), media, instructional materials, student assessment artefacts as well as standards-based evaluation reports.

Download the portfolio as an Adobe PDF Portfolio format-requires Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to use. Otherwise, use the download link above this section to access the file directory in Dropbox.



Web Design and Development II - Site Development, Directories, and Hosting

View the course portfolio.

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Hanyang University TESOL Certificate Program C.A.L.L. Course

A principaled and system approach to technology integration in the modern language classroom for graduate students in a TESOL Certification program.