Presentations And Workshops

04/2012-KORCOS 27th Annual International Education Conference 

5/2012-KORCOS JAM Presenter

Edmodo: Digital Workflow

9/2012-@pple Meet-Up Presenter

Digital Learning Environments: Edmodo

10/2012-KORCOS 28th Annual International Education Conference Presenter

1) Education Technology

2) Edmodo

11/2012- @pple Meet-UpPresenter

Video Projects in the Classroom

01/2013-21CLHK 5th Annual Conference Presenter

Edmodo: Digital Workflow

01/2013-21CLHK 5th Annual Conference Forum Presenter:Learning Management Systems:  Just somewhere to post the homework? How can these systems be used to transform learning?

3/2013-ADE Asia Pacific Institute 

4/2013- @pple Meet-UpPresenter

1:1 Success Stories

9/2013-Google Apps for Education Summit South Korea Presenter:

Using Google Forms and the Flubaroo script to create quick, formative assessments in BYOD & 1:1 environments

-Presentation Link

9/2013-Apple Distinguished Educator iPad integration training

10/2013-@pple Meet-UpPresenter

-Scratch-Exemplars of Student work in Event/Object orientated programs

2/2014- @pple Meet Up

-iBooks Author Widgets

3/2014- KORCOS

-OS X Server and Mobile Device Management for iPads

3/2014 @pple Meet Up Presenter

-Galileo by Motrr

5/2014 @pple Meet Up Presenter

-Student Portfolios

7/2014-Apple Global Institute

10/2014 @pple Meet Up Presenter/Co-Organizer

-Technology in Language Education

12/2014 @pple Meet Up Presenter

-Technology, Productivity, and Workflow



1) Schwarz Paper 5/2008- Computer system migration and rollout - 

2) BCC Canada 11/2012 -Edmodo LMS support and Google Apps Support

3) Seoul Foreign School 3/2013- PYP & MYP Edmodo LMS Support for roll out

4) Busan Science High School 4/2013 - Media Lab iOS device configuration, OS X server mobile device management, and deployment 

5) Dongdeok Women's University 7/2013 - Blackboard CourseSites training for the Department of English

6) Seoul Foreign School 12/2013

OS X Server Mobile Device Management Training

7) Korea International School12/2013  OS X Server Mobile Device Management Training